Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

Kipling Class

Mrs Linfoot, Mrs Grzybowski and Mrs Lowe

Pullman Class

Mr Claughton and Mrs Earl


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During the Autumn term we will be looking at light in Science.  

So far we have investigated how light travels, how we see objects and how our eyes work.

We have also had great fun making pinhole cameras.

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In Year 6 we have begun to reflect on our learning.  

We are trying to change our mindset and become much more positive learners.

In Kipling class we all tried to juggle - even Mrs Linfoot.  We reflected on how we felt during the task, what we would need to do to get better and how we could best support each other.

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Spring Term

This term we have been learning about the Mayans. The children enjoyed making Mayan calendars out of clay. We were very impressed with their designs!




This term, the children have been learning how to order food and drink in French.

To conclude this work, Year 6 created their own French cafe . They were able to order a number of items in French and the improvement in pronunciation has been amazing.

Well done Year 6!