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Class 3 Miss Dobrashian     Class 4 Mrs Purvis 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jones and Mrs Cope  


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Another briliant day out!

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What a great way to start our final half term in Year 4. 

On Thursday 16th June, Year 4 visited Harewood House as an end to our local history study. The children have been learning about Princess Mary in their English lessons. On the day the children had the brilliant opportunity to see the state rooms where Princess Mary used to take residence. After the state rooms, the children then went to the downstairs rooms where the servants lived (kitchen and pastry room). 

We were extremely lucky with the weather and managed to dodge a thunderstorm. Year 4 managed to look around the bird garden, see the penguins swim, play on the adventure play ground and eat an ice cream. 

It was a priviledge to take Year 4 out of school and represented Saltergate well. 

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Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone HD Trailer

In the words of Albus Dumbledore - “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” 

Year 4 are currently half way in their Author Study of J K Rowling and looking in particular at the book ' Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. They have loved learning about a new world and wishing it was their eleventh birthday so that their Hogwarts letter will appear. 

Year 4 have written a lot of different writing types; persuasive adverts, Quidditch match reports and persuasive letters to Dumbledore. Our Science topic has linked nicely so it had a magical ending. Using their electricity knowledge, the children were asked to create a burglar alarm using 'Muggle' magic which would be used to guard the Philsopher's stone. 

A pleasure has been watching the children find another author and book they love to read!





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Happy Birthday Ma'am



Year 4 celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday by helping her organise the biggest birthday party for her and 100 guests

It was an afternoon full of maths (working out costs) and artwork ( designing her new outfits). We are sure the Queen would have loved the party that Year 4 had organised

See photos on our twitter account. @saltergatejun

British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics)

Homework Project Eruption

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Year 4 worked incredibly hard on their volcano projects!

On Wednesday 16th March, parents and Year 3 children had the opportunity to come and visit Year 4 and look at the projects in both classes. There were so some incredible projects, from posters, models and even maths board games. (See photos from the Year 3 visit in the photo album section of our website) 

This really showed how enthusiastic Year 4 have been about this topic. It was a brilliant end to the term. 

On the next day,  the children whose models could erupt managed to have the chance to display this outside! We defintiely have some budding scientists in this year group! Even safety goggles were used.

It has been a very busy half term and the children have really enjoyed learning lots of new information. 

As we enter our final four days in the half term, the children will be spending lots of time with Mrs Richards as she is retiring. 

Year 4 and most importantly Saltergate will not be the same without her. 

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Astronauts of the future - Year 4 inspired

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Eureka Mania!

Tim Peake's message to Her Majesty The Queen

Wow ! What an amazing Scientific day Year Four had. 

We discovered lots about Space, sound and the human body! Children collected data that they will be using in their work on Friday 11th March. Year 4 are having a topic day to really embed the knowledge they gained on the school trip.

The highlight of the day, was the Destination Space Workshop! Eureka staff said Saltergate was one of the most knowledgeable schools they have had. This comment made all the Year4 staff very proud. 

Children undertook or watched science experiments which are similar to that of Tim Peake carries out on the ISS. We have created fire and played with robotic arms. 

The children were incredibly well behaved and enthusiastic. Year 4 really do have a love of science. 

We hope we have many Astronauts and Scientists in the future.

Extreme Earth - Volcanoes

Volcano 2

It has been a very exciting start to the half term!

 Year 4 have been inspired with our new topic of Extreme Earth. It has been  great to see children go home and carry out mini projects because they are interested in their learning at school.

We've brought volcanoes to life this week, using creme eggs to help us understand the Earth's structure and vinegar and baking powder to make erupting volcanoes in English. 

We can't believe how much we have managed to fit in, in just one short week. 


Year 4 have got lots to look forward to in the next 4 weeks. Starting with World Book Day, then our trip to Eureka and to end the half term with the handing in of their projects. 

If we have learnt this much in one week, can you imagine how knowledgable we will be in 4 weeks time!

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Shape Madness

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We cannot believe we are already half way through our first half term. It seems to flying by. 

In maths, Year 4 have been looking at the properties of shape.

This has meant that the children have carried out lots of fun activities in at around the classroom. From hunting for right angle monsters around the school to modelling 2D and 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows.

The children really enjoy the hands on activities and have progressed with their shape knowledge.

Year 4 are loving maths at the moment!

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Let's Do A Nativity

Cover nativity large

What an amazing night! 

Year 3 and 4 both did a fantastic job at performing our Christmas Show 'Let's Do A Nativity'!

They sung loud and acted like professionals. They will be the actors of the future generation. 

Miss Dobrashian and Mrs Purvis are so proud of each and everyone of  Year Four. Your dedication to learning your lines and rehearsals has been amazing. 

Now it is the count down to final 8 days of term!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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We cannot believe it is December already! The year is flying past us. It is incredibly busy in year four at the moment. We are rehearsing as much as we can for our Christmas play that we are sharing with Year 3. We are also making Christmas cards and calenders!

Even Literacy has taken a Christmas focus with looking at the Polar Express and Christmas Adverts.

It definitely is our favourite time of year.

Our performance is Tuesday 8th December at 6pm. We cannot wait to see you all there.

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Children In Need

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Year 4 enjoyed dressing up for the day. The theme was to dress up as their favourite superhero/ hero. It linked perfectly to the children discussing their heroes in the Boudicca topic. The children brought in some donations which went towards Children in need 2016. Thank you to everyone who dressed up and donated. You all looked brilliant! 


Can you guess who the three members of Year 4 are dressed up as?

Queen Boudicca Rules!


To begin the second half term, Year 4 learnt all about Queen Boudicca and the Celtic Warriors. 

The children loved finding out about her heroic life and even became "Wanted Celtic Warriors'.

It allowed the children to also think about their own heroes.

My dad is my hero - Ellie.

My mum is someone I look up to - Lucy.

Usain Bolt is amazing because he is so fast - Samuel.


We are now learning about the Forces around us and how we can define magnetism.

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Australia came to Harrogate


Year 4 have been up to many exciting things over the last term. At the beginning of the year, they started learning about life in Australia. It finished with them celebrating their learning with an Australia Day . The children dressed up as crocodiles, Steve Irwin, Kylie Minogue and a variety of other Australian characters.

Throughout the day the children took part in playing Aussie Rules and making Anzac biscuits. It was a brilliant day.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day particularly when parents came to see the work at 3pm.

Miss Dobrashian and Mrs Purvis were very proud of the children's hard work.


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