Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Countryside day trip!

Science: Light and shadows

Class 2
Class 1
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We have been investigating Light and shadows. The children used a torch to investgiate how a shadow is formed. They had different materials to investigate how much light can be seen through it. The children enjoyed this practical investigation.
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Ironage topic homework

William brought his homework in today and Year 3 were very excited as they were able to try some of his cooking. William had decided that he would like to investigate what food would have been eaten in the Ironage. He looked at some recipes for bread. He brought enough in for all the children in Year 3 to try. The children were delighted to try something different. William did a fantastic effort in making his bread. Well done!

We are looking forward to seeing the different items which will be brought in. Have fun making it.


World Book Day

Lets raise awareness for World Book Day!

Saltergate Junior School celebrated World Book Day in style. The children were given the opportunity to come dressed as their favourite book character. They certainly came dressed for the occassion.

Year 3 and 4

Children in Year 3 and 4 were mixed into their houses for the day. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to mix and be part of their team. The children engaged in different activities such as peer reading, writing stories and comics about their characters and listening to stories from parents and grandparents. We had a fantastic day.


This half term the children are learning about Plants.


They will be learning about what funstions the plants have. How to keep plants alive and how they are created.

This half term the children have already looked at living plants and seen how to repot and care for them.

We are currently investigating whether all plants need water, light and food in order to survive. This is an investigation that we will be looking at for the next few weeks. Ask your children what has happened so far and what predictions they have made.


The end of this half term will see the children going on an educational visit to RHS Gardens Harlow Carr.

This visit will consolidate all the children's learning and will be an opportunity for them to show their learning from class.

The children will get the opportunity to create different sculptures and find out about seed dispersal.

A letter regarding this trip will follow soon.

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Year 3 visit Harrogate Library

The children in year 3 had a local visit to Harrogate Library. The children were picked up from school in a double decker bus. They were very excited to sit at the top of the bus and view Harrogate as we drove past.

Once we arrived at the library, we were greeted and read a story to. The children were then shown how to find nonfiction texts if they required one.

After that, they all had the opportunity to take out a book from the library and use their cards to scan them out.

The children really enjoyed this trip, we hope it encourages them to go the the library more and take more books out.

Watch the video

Time for Tim Peake's blast off!

The children in Year 3 are ready to watch history being made.

All the children made flags to show their support for the British astronaut. The children watched the live launch and were very excited to see the rocket blast off.


Saltergate Junior School will be following Tim Peake's journey in space as he lives on the International Space Station for 6 months.  

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Funny Bones This half term the children are learning about ‘The Body’. The children will be looking at the bones of the body and finding out the different functions of the body. In French the children have been able to name and say the different parts of the body in French. Ask them to sing to you ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. They are great at this song! Have a look at the fun we have had this half term by looking at our pictures. Imgp7421 Imgp7392

Year 3 children having lots of fun learning basketball and diving techniques

This week the children have had exciting opportunities to learn the techniques for different sports. They had a 'taster' session of basketball and a lesson about how their Gymnastic skills can be transferred to diving. A team from Harrogate Hydro came to show the children how their Gymnastics learning can be transferred into other sports such as diving. The children really enjoyed showing off what they have already learnt and each child was kindly gifted a free diving lesson at Harrogate Hydro!

Children In Need 2015

children in need 1
CHILDREN IN NEED 2015 The children in Year 3 enjoyed dressing up for the day. The theme was to dress up as their favourite superhero/ hero. The children brought in some donations which went towards Children in need 2016. Thank you to everyone who dressed up and donated. You all looked fabulous!
Children in need 2
Children in need 2016

Practical Maths

Mass 1
The last two weeks have been very practical in Maths for the children in year 3. We have been learning about different types of measuring. The children have been getting the water and measuring cylinders out to investigate measuring in ml/l. They have also been learning how to use and read scales appropriately. The children understand how many grams are in kilograms. They put this learning into practical use when they made buns with Mrs Adshead. All the children enjoyed this (particularly the eating part) A favourite game the children like to play is ‘Who wants to be a ‘mass’ or ‘capacity’ millionaire’. You would honestly believe that there is a million pounds up for grabs. Congratulations Jake Hollywood who managed to complete the million pound question!
Capacity 1

Welcome to the Year 3 classes of 2015/ 16

In Year 3, the children are learning in Literacy about Roald Dahl. (Jack) We have been learning about 'The Twits', this is a very good story! (Aaron and Rhianna).

In maths we have been learning about some tricky sums and how to add, round to the nearest 100 and adding numbers together. (Teagan and Jess)

In year 3 we have been learning French and how to have a conversation. This is good because I like to know lots of different languages. (Alice-May)

We are learning about the 'Stone Age' and we are making a collection of rocks. We like to look at them and find out what type of rock they are. (Jaeda and Jack)

We have been looking closely at rocks and seeing which rocks would make good houses. In science we have also been looking at Minerals. (Aimee, Oliver, Rhianna and Jess)




Sport week in year three: archery

This week at Saltergate Junior School we are celebrating sports. The children this week will have lots of opportunities to join in with different sporting activities. The children will enjoy different activities such as archery, hockey, rounders, athletics and of course sports day!

Wacky Hair Day in Year 3!

All proceeds from today's fundraiser will go to Martin House... The aim of Martin House is to provide family led care for children with life shortening conditions. It is a place where children, young people and their families can come to stay from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.

The day in the life of a Roman child!

What a fantastic effort all the children made in making their Roman outfits! Well done to everyone for great imagination. It is amazing how a bed sheet or a towel can transform you into a Roman for the day.

The children are going to live like a Roman child for the day and will be having a go at Latin and trying Roman food.


Year 3 story writing

Children in year 3 have been learning about castles after our visit to Knaresborough. Here are a few examples of their descriptive non-fiction writing.




Any excuse for the year 3 adults to dress up! 

Our trip to Knaresborough castle

It was a glorious day when the year 3 children were arriving at school. The children were very excited about the day ahead. ''What an adventure we are going to have today!'' said a quiet voice coming from the back of the classroom.

The children were all very punctual and we set off on time to catch the the 10.05am train to Knaresborough.  

All 55 children enjoyed the train journey as they were able to see all the wonderful views from the windows.

Once the children arrived they had a small walk to the castle up a very steep hill.

The children were very eager to learn about all of the castle's features but they particularly enjoyed the secret hidden tunnel.

'Wow, what an amazing day we had'- Lucy Morris

'I really liked learning about King Henry the second'- Joshua Bryer

'I enjoyed the ice cream at the end of the day- what a lovely treat'- Alex Ross

Year three French fun

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Year 3 French exchange students

Year three children had a very exciting week as both classes had a French exchange student for the whole week.

Helena and Eloise were very eager to show the children their fantastic English skills. The children were very impressed by how fluent both girls are with their English.

All the children were happy to practise their French skills with both the girls and this gave them a great confidence boost as many of the children could hold a successful conversation in French with them.

Here are two videos showing some of the children speaking French. Lewis Edwards who can be seen in the left hand side video loves learning French that much he goes to an out of school club too.

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Easter time in year 3

Easter time in Year 3

The children at Saltergate Junior School were very excited as the eggs had finally arrived. It wasn't long until we witnessed our first chick hatching, which was amazing to watch.

After a few days all the chicks had hatched and it was time for them to visit the children in their classrooms.

This opportunity allowed the children to hold the chicks, observe their behaviour and provided extended opportunity to use their maths knowledge when weighing the chicks and recording the data.

Having the chicks also taught the children the responsibility of looking after a living animal. They needed regular food and clean water, warmth and lots of cuddles. The children were most shocked at how frequently the chick's brooding box needed cleaning due to their toilet habits.


General Rules for Hatching Chicken Eggs

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The missing chick story.

The children had the opportunity to continue a story
about some missing chicks. They were given the beginning of a fictional story
and the challenge was to continue it to create an exciting read.

The children enjoyed thinking for themselves and becoming an author for the morning.

Please look at the document to the left and see if you can spot any of your child's work.

Hope you enjoy their versions :)

Year 3 Science fun!

The children in year three have been enjoying learning about changing materials. The children have been involved in lots of different investigations and experiments. For example the children had to answer 'How can we change this ice from a solid to a liquid?'. It is safe to say that at the end of this investigation we had a lot of wet hands!

The children particularly enjoyed learning about how we can change the state of materials multiple times. They learnt this through chocolate. The children enjoyed melting the chocolate and then letting the melted chocolate set on a biscuit. We all enjoying eating the biscuits afterwards!