Adele's Fashion

The thing I like the most is .........SHOES and DRESSES

My favourite shoes are high heels!

My favourite dresses are big ones.

I also love bright colour in lipstick and I wear eye mascara and eyeliner eye shadow at the weekend.

I am a funky jazz girl.

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Mrs Blackmore

Becky and Lily really enjoy being in Class 1.  They have written about their lovely teacher, Mrs Blackmore! Laurenlauren.docx (13.3 KB)

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All about Mrs Blackmore

Neive and  Ellie – All about Mrs Blackmore

Mrs Blackmore has hair like Elsa’s. It is long, brown and Mrs Blackmore sometimes gets a bit giddy. She is sometimes a bit fashionable!

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Playing on Electronics

Playing on electronics

By Thomas Wareham (age 7)

I like playing on my electronics and there are some games on my tablet that Iam good at.

The games that I am good at are minion rush,pixel gun and boom beach. Pixel gun is good because you can fight people that play pixel gun as well. IT IS EPIC! You can also buy weapons with gold and diamonds. It is a bit like some adult games you can buy. Boom beach is good because you’re on an island and you level up buildings and battle other players and get medals.

I love some other games as well like Marvel superheroes champion competition and big hero 6 bot fighting I am realy realy good at both of them.  

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Learning to swim

Lucy Morris and Olivia Money wrote about their swimming lessons: 

Going to the hydro

 At   the  hydro  Year 3 learnt  how  to  swim.  We  learnt  to  do  front  crawl, and we learnt how  to do skulling . We  did  backstroke, we  were  good  at jumping  in.We  were  also  good  at  straddle  jumping.  You  should  go  to  the  hydro  because  it  is  amazing. The  teachers  are  very  friendly  at  the  hydro.

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Snow Poem


Emily-Anne (Year 5) and Charlie (Year 3) have created a poem about the snow we recently had in school!

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Newspaper Article

Holly and Ruby wrote a report on our choir's performance at the Majestic Hotel.

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A fine example of punctating speech.  Well done Will.

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Year 3 writing


 Click here to see Ben's lovely story.  I think his kindness shines though.

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Great Sewing Skills

Every child in the school created their own square for these wonderful wall hangings